Every journey has a beginning. Ever since I was old enough to own a camera of my own (shout-out to those point-and-shoot film days), I have been in love with photography. Something about preserving moments in time and the way that reflecting on those moments makes you feel is what fuels my passion for this craft.

I was 10 years old when my interest in photography sparked. I was at my sister and cousin’s high school football game. They were both in band and the band had just finished performing their halftime show. As the band marched to the front of the crowd watching, my grandma handed me her trusty point-and-shoot camera and told me to run down and take a photo of my sister and cousin.

I didn’t think much of the task in the moment, but when the film was developed I felt a feeling I hadn’t felt before. My family complimented me on the photo I took, saying how it was perfectly centered. Something about receiving such positive feedback on something I created was exhilarating.

Over the years I have spent countless hours learning and practicing this craft. I have been blessed to learn from certified photographers who are veterans in the industry. 10 year old me had no idea that this hobby would become a true passion.

I’m not interested in photography for the money. I want to leave a legacy of beautiful quality photographs in peoples’ lives, because looking back at a moment in time through a photograph that’s under/over-exposed, blurry, or off-centered will fade that memory fast.