Welcome to my crafting page! I specialize in hand-lettering that can be applied to cards, letters, invitations, or even painted on a canvas. I also dabble in many other crafts, too!
Have a gift idea for yourself or for a friend? Send me an email and let’s get your vision created!

Sarah Way's 30th-1

Created: 2017
With: Pen + Marker
Purpose: Birthday card envelope



Created: 2016
With: Acrylic paint on wood
Purpose: Halloween door hanger decor



Created: 2016
With: Acrylic paint on wine bottles
Purpose: 4th of July decor



Created: 2014
With: Acrylic on canvas
Purpose: Personalized Christmas gifts



Created: 2017
With: Acrylic + Sharpie paint pen on wood
Purpose: Wall decor