Groceries & Gas Giveaway Ad Campaign

This graphic was used on TV when the news anchors teased the contest
After the contest was talked about, this graphic would then be brought up full screen
This was an advertisement made for Facebook and various other websites
This was a banner advertisement that would display on various websites
The side-banner advertisement was used on various websites as well

Created: 2017
With: Adobe Photoshop
Purpose: Promotional graphics for CBS Austin’s sweeps period (used on TV and online)

Behind The Design: The Creative Services Director at CBS Austin came to me with a new contest the station was about to run. After giving me the copy, the only other direction was to make it grab viewers’ attention. This was the first time I had been given a project like this, so to start I did the thing I was most skilled at–photography.

I photographed the news anchors so that I could use them in the graphic. From there, I chose a lighter blue background for a couple of reasons. 1. This graphic was going to be used for the morning newscast, and the color blue creates a feeling of safeness and relaxation. 2. The color also complimented the photo of the news anchors. The pop of red was taken from a sample color of the news anchor’s dress to bring the design together.

After I created the initial “Groceries Gas Giveaway” graphic, I then started to build all of the other graphics to adhere to the advertising space sizes. This campaign ran for about 2 weeks.