Created: 2017
With: Adobe Illustrator
Purpose: Used for an animation in Adobe After Effects

Behind The Design: I wanted to create an animation for the lifestyle show that I worked on at CBS Austin. Notable guests would come in and I would photograph them for the show and social media. When we printed the photos I wanted there to be a nostalgic feel to them, so I created a polaroid template to simulate prints that came from a polaroid camera. From there, the idea sparked the creation of an animation where the photos would dispense from the polaroid camera.

Notable: Because I have a deep love for graphic design I constantly look for new skills to learn. I had been interested in learning Adobe After Effects for awhile. I’m a hands-on type of learner, and so I knew that I needed to try my hand at creating a project in order to learn the program. Before this project I had never used After Effects and that’s why this animation made it into my portfolio.