Keto Chocolate Snowflake Package Design

Created: 2019
With: Adobe Illustrator
Purpose: Used as a bag design for The Famous Pacific Dessert Company’s new product

Behind The Design: This was a project for World Wide Gourmet Foods. WWGF created a KETO chocolate product which was small, individually wrapped chocolate pieces shaped like snowflakes. The project called for me to create the bag that the product would be sold in. Choosing a theme and color scheme was easy since the product was snowflake shaped. From there, I had to figure out what health benefits of the products to call out and how they would be be given emphasis.

Before The Design: During my time at World Wide Gourmet Foods I had to learn the ropes very quickly and on my own. Being the only designer for the company, and the fact that there was no overlap between me and the last designer, it was up to me to figure things out.

After creating a couple of designs when I first got hired, I soon realized the need for a Label Details Form. I wanted this form to serve as a starting point to any new project. Although I was always able to express my design vision effectively, the person requesting the graphic wasn’t always the best at communicating the initial vision they had for it. This has been a tool that has helped streamline the designing process tremendously!