Snack Mix Packaging Design

Created: 2019
With: Adobe Illustrator
Purpose: Used for product labels for The Famous Pacific Dessert Company

Behind The Design: This was a project for World Wide Gourmet Foods. WWGF created 4 different snack mixes that they pitched to Alaska Airlines. My job was to take the snack mixes and create designs for the bags that they would be distributed in. I started by photographing each snack mix so that I could use them as an element in the design. After adding the photos to the design, this is where the color inspiration came, and I pulled colors from the snacks themselves. Because these were snack mixes, I wanted the typography to be fun and playful. Not happy with any fonts online, I ended up handwriting each of the designs.

Notable: The product was originally packaged in small, clear plastic containers. I was given a container and told to create a design that would fit the container. Below you can see rough sketches of the label before I began designing in Illustrator. My favorite part about this project was the decision to go with hand-written typography to denote the flavor of snack mix.

In Addition: Since this was a new product, I also had to create a flyer that was on-brand to sell the product. This flyer (below) was used by the sales team at World Wide Gourmet Foods to advertise the newest product.