Tea Cookie Package Design

Created: 2019
With: Adobe Illustrator
Purpose: Used as a label design for The Famous Pacific Dessert Company’s product

Behind The Design: This was a project for World Wide Gourmet Foods. WWGF wanted to re-package their tea cookie product. For this project, I was tasked with conducting market research to see what type of container we should use and create the design around. I ended up finding the container and reached out to a distributor to get samples so I could begin designing. Once the samples came in, I took measurements of the tub and began the designing process in Illustrator. The trickiest part of this design was figuring out how to account for the tapered curve of the tub.

In Addition: Since World Wide Gourmet Foods is a food manufacturer and packaging facility, the owner is always looking for new ways to repackage and refresh the package design. Above is another package design I did for their Raspberry Tea Cookies.