Typographical Portraits

Created: 2016
With: Adobe Photoshop
Purpose: Class project – Typographical portrait

Created: This project came while I was in school at Southern New Hampshire University studying graphic design. The objective was to create a typographical portrait. The curriculum was laid out so that we would start with a smaller project and then move on to a more detailed project. The directions for the first project (below) were to choose an object and create it with words associated with that object.

The final project (above) had similar directions, but this time we had to do a portrait. The words that are used to make up the portrait are Lady Gaga’s album song titles.

Application: After learning this new skill in graphic design, I was eager to apply my knowledge at work. I worked on the graphics for CBS Austin’s lifestyle show, We Are Austin. Since it was a lifestyle show, I knew that this would be a great fit. I started by photographing the anchors and then did the rest in Photoshop. This graphic was used as a show bumper to lead into a commercial break.