3 Reasons Why Wedding Photography Is THAT Much

So you’ve just recently gotten engaged. Congratulations! Over the coming months, or maybe even just weeks, you and your future spouse will plan a beautiful wedding. Since you’re here and reading this, that means you’re at the stage where you’re looking for a photographer, and most likely contemplating one photographer’s cost over another. Let’s be honest, we all know a friend or family member who is dabbling into photography. And maybe they just bought their first semi-professional camera and their work is decent. But here’s why, when it comes to wedding photography, you don’t want to cut any corners.

I got engaged at 23, and I don’t know about you but at 23 I was not making a lot of money. I had barely enough for rent each month, but when you meet the love of your life you don’t wait to become financially stable to make moves.

There’s a photographer who I basically grew up admiring. His work is phenomenal, and I was even able to be a second shooter at a wedding he was photographing. After knowing him and studying his work, I knew that I wanted him to photograph my wedding one day. Well that day came, and I was nowhere near financially prepared to book him as a photographer.

To make a long story short, we skimped out on a wedding photographer and it’s the one thing both me and my wife regret about our wedding day. One of my wife’s friends graciously gifted us a photographer that she knew, and we were not in any position to turn down something free for us. The photos, unfortunately, are nothing to write home about.

The worst part about not having beautiful quality wedding photos is that the moment has already passed and we cannot get it back.

So, why is wedding photography expensive? As mentioned above, the importance of such a huge milestone in your life is a tremendous responsibility for a photographer. Your wedding photos will be shared for generations. Would you want that blurry, under/over exposed, or off-centered photo to be passed down from generation to generation?

Here are a few more things behind a wedding photography price tag:

1. The price of professional equipment.
Not every photographer will be ready for every lighting situation on your special day. Sure, the outdoor photos look great when the sun’s out, but what will your photos look like as the night progresses if your photographer doesn’t have the right equipment? Or what if your photographer only has a gallery full of beautiful outdoor photos but none inside? Having the right equipment to handle any and all situations is very important.

2. Experience and knowledge.
That friend or family member who is dabbling in photography may not have many or any weddings under their belt. You should let them photograph at your wedding for the experience and to help them build their portfolio, but your one day that you cannot get back should not be a time for experimentation. Knowing the flow of a wedding is very important because a wedding day is so structured and so you need a photographer who is used to working under tight timeframes.

3. Reliability.
The last thing you should have to worry about when it comes to your wedding day is your photographer. After all, you are hiring them for their experience. Being on the receiving end of wedding photos, I know what it’s like to be told that your photos will be ready in 2 weeks, only for them to actually be ready in 4. You’ll want a photographer who has showcased great communication skills from the very beginning.

With that being said, I am that photographer. If you’re impressed with my work, leave your wedding photos in my hands, because photography isn’t just a business for me, it’s truly a passion. Click here to get started!

At the end of the day, finances matter, and so if it’s just not possible to afford the photographer you want then so be it. But what I do know, from personal experience, is that your family and friends are also willing to step in and help out wherever they can. It’s always better to ask for assistance than to struggle in silence.

If I can offer any advice, don’t make the same mistake that I did. Going with a cheaper option for your wedding photos will be beneficial only in the short term. But months from your day, when all you have from that day is the photos to look at, you’ll regret not spending a little more for a photographer you really wanted.